More thoughts/an update.

February 8, 2008

Ok, so its REALLY time for an update.

It’s been a heck of a last couple of months what with Christmas and visiting family, family birthdays and then all of January I’ve been busy keeping away from my computer because Rosie (the g/f) has been off for nearly a month recovering from a Thyroid glad partial removal operation, which left her in no state to drive to work or actually do much which involved head turning at all.
So she read books and played Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 and read loads of books while I pretty much did everything for her, which as it turns out was quite a bit of stuff including changing the lights in our lounge, light switches, running network cables through the attic, driving her out to get new books, cooking, and other menial tasks which somehow fill your day at a moments notice.
So that concludes me making excuses for not updating the blog anyway.

Still what it did allow for was a good couple of months to really use the phone to it’s full and really decide what my gripes where and that kind of thing.
What I had also said I think last time was that I was going to cover texting and text input on the phone but seeing as how that’s all rather dull it’ll be better to cover it under several short general points about what I like, dislike, and maybe how it could be improved on some kind of Skypephone v2 should Three ever make one.
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Syncing with your PC, in Vista 64? Probably not.

December 7, 2007

3 Skypephone
So, today is my third day with the new Three Skypephone.

<edit from after reading it all through>

OK, let’s interrupt it there for just 2 seconds, just because I really should put something in that may interest people considering the following incredibly boring stuff that follows after this public service announcement (I class it as a service, I guess I’m kinda helping you guys right?)

3Mobilebuzz are giving away Skypephones!
The catch is that it’s actually a competition, which means doing something and that will probably not appeal to the lazy types out there, but head on over and check it out. Nothing ventured nothing gained and all that kind of thing.


I finally got round to removing the plastic shield from the screen and I also phoned Three so I can give them my PAC code to get my number moved over from my old provider to the new PAYG sim.
Apparently this takes 5-7 days but as a bonus Three do give you £10 of credit although that only lasts 30 days, it means I can spend it trying out all the video messaging and stuff that I’ve still yet to test.

The Skype service so far has been good apart from the odd niggle every now and then with it not refreshing my contacts online status properly, and sometimes delivering my messages a couple of minutes later than they should be delivered, but otherwise it’s pretty good.

Things the Skype software can do:

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It’s ALL about size (and how you use it) – Another Rant, yay!

December 6, 2007

3 SkypephoneToday I just fancied going over my size issues.
No, not that, minds out of the gutter please 😛

What I mean is the actual size of the phone and how it’s possibly a little bit small.

I’ve always had problems with mobile phone keypads and they are one thing I always moan about when I change phones. Most recently on my other half’s s500i it was how badly built and rattly it was, and that due to some really bad over sight the glue used to bind the keys caused the plastic to weaken and crack in half, resulting with half keys that would either fall off or not work.
Someone clearly didn’t do their QA work properly on that one.

Anyway, Key size is pretty important for usability as is the spacing and all the time phones get smaller so do the key pads, and my large (perhaps even oversized) hands keep crying at me and complaining that one of these days the already mild RSI conditions that I have will get much much worse if I continue to do silly things like try to use Instant messengers on a phone.

This phone really is no exception to the “we-must-make-it-tiny-for-fashion” club that most mobile manufacturers have subscribed to. It’s wafer thin (mint? cookie for the person who gets the reference) and really has a few too many keys for the small face of it.
The trouble in trying to increase usability and functions is that you actually generally decrease usability as you have to put more buttons on for the ever growing features. While this in itself isn’t a problem, you really should increase the size of the object so that buttons are still as easy to press as before (really, I’m starting to bore myself here).

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Arrivals and first impressions

December 5, 2007

Having checked the tracking number that I was supplied with this morning I was highly disappointed when the Royal Mail site said that my package hadn’t been checked into a depot.
I was then further disappointed when the package hadn’t turned up (there was someone home) by the time I got back at about 11:30.

So, I sat down and had a sandwich as I had decided to have tea break, and much to my surprise, after moping about it for 20 minutes or so, the door bell rings, and the postie turns up.
I duly sign my soul over to them name on the sheet only to find out it was never on a pre-9am as their site had led me to believe anyway, and proceed to run upstairs and tear open the silver special delivery bag like a child on Christmas, open the enclosed envelope which says I can return it within 14 days if I’m not happy with it.. only so long as I’ve not actually used it (how can I know I’m not happy until I use it eh?) and quickly discard it, then grab the camera and take some shots.

At this point I think pictures will speak louder than words, so yeah:
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On it’s way, and a mini (large) rant about other stuff.

December 4, 2007

3 SkypephoneSo, it’s on its way to me already which is nice, considering I ordered yesterday (3rd Dec) for Wednesday (5th Dec) and its actually looking like it will make it.

Of course, that’s assuming Royal Mail don’t decide that they won’t deliver because it’s raining or some other excuse which would probably something along the lines of; “The cat ate your post”.

3 However say:

“I’m sorry that we can’t tell you the exact time of delivery, as that depends on the courier’s schedule.”

but clicking on the link that they sent me takes me to the RM page which says

“Special Delivery™ 9am items are first tracked when they reached our mail centre”.

Why 3 can’t just tell me in the email that they put it on a pre-9am delivery I’ll never know.

The other thing recently that I can’t get my head round is the returns service for the Xbox 360.

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Choices and Introductions

December 3, 2007

3 SkypephoneFirstly I wan’t to say I’m really sorry for the rather long entry that ensues, I’m new to this whole blogging lark but I hope someone, somewhere will find this handy 🙂

So, having been after a new mobile for a while to replace my now ageing (though still working perfectly fine) Sony Ericsson w800i I came across the new 3 Skypephone.

Now, Skype isn’t something that’s ever really caught my attention as I was a child raised on MSN and ICQ.

Recently though I’ve been asking friends for their MSN at which point many have replied “You can use my Skype instead” which usually ends up with me replying “Why do you bother with Skype anyway when you can just use MSN?” to which I usually get some reply about phoning far off relatives in distant countries, which is a problem I’ve luckily never actually had to deal with.

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