On it’s way, and a mini (large) rant about other stuff.

December 4, 2007

3 SkypephoneSo, it’s on its way to me already which is nice, considering I ordered yesterday (3rd Dec) for Wednesday (5th Dec) and its actually looking like it will make it.

Of course, that’s assuming Royal Mail don’t decide that they won’t deliver because it’s raining or some other excuse which would probably something along the lines of; “The cat ate your post”.

3 However say:

“I’m sorry that we can’t tell you the exact time of delivery, as that depends on the courier’s schedule.”

but clicking on the link that they sent me takes me to the RM page which says

“Special Delivery™ 9am items are first tracked when they reached our mail centre”.

Why 3 can’t just tell me in the email that they put it on a pre-9am delivery I’ll never know.

The other thing recently that I can’t get my head round is the returns service for the Xbox 360.

It will probably come as no surprise that our Xbox 360 died from the horrible, and probably inevitable, Red Ring of Death.
The natural course of action here is of course, to phone MS, whine a bit and stomp my feet that the console is broken and how I shall die if I don’t have it fixed, then proceed to get it fixed as it has a 3 year warranty anyway relating to that issue anyway.

Well, I phone said Indian support centre who duly offered to send me a label so that I can get it picked up by UPS who will take it to the repair shop, then bring me back a shiny new one or a fixed one some weeks later.
The thing here is though, that when I received my label I checked the address it’s going to and find out that its just 5 minutes away from my house.
OK so that’s no big deal in itself, but after some further investigation (aka using Google) I found that I was not able to drop it into the centre as they don’t accept personal returns and all that kind of stuff, probably something to do with insurance and liability or whatever.

Which leads me on to the point of this rant really; Why does MS have to source a courier which will take the Xbox away from my house to their depot 30 MILES IN THE WRONG DAMNED DIRECTION, then back to the repair place again, THEN back to their depot to be sorted after which is comes back to my house, making the total round trip of the 360… numbers that I can’t count using all of my appendages when they could just use a local courier (DHL are closer, about 4 miles from the place and me), especially when everyone is banging on about “green house gasses” and “carbon foot prints” and trying to reduce them?
Not that I particularly care about all that kinda thing anyway but it still seems a rather excessive way of getting something delivered.



  1. I was just wondering did the item actually arrive before 9am? I think there’s something up with RM site in hat when its broke, all items show that message about 9am. Im waiting for something arriving today and i check the tracking number and it says that message about 9am rubbish, contact the seller and they confirm they just sent it by standard recorded delivery, which is due by 1pm, it better turn up

  2. Sadly it never did turn up before 9am, just the regular 1pm thing.
    As you say, it looks like something on the RM site is a bit wonky :S

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