Arrivals and first impressions

December 5, 2007

Having checked the tracking number that I was supplied with this morning I was highly disappointed when the Royal Mail site said that my package hadn’t been checked into a depot.
I was then further disappointed when the package hadn’t turned up (there was someone home) by the time I got back at about 11:30.

So, I sat down and had a sandwich as I had decided to have tea break, and much to my surprise, after moping about it for 20 minutes or so, the door bell rings, and the postie turns up.
I duly sign my soul over to them name on the sheet only to find out it was never on a pre-9am as their site had led me to believe anyway, and proceed to run upstairs and tear open the silver special delivery bag like a child on Christmas, open the enclosed envelope which says I can return it within 14 days if I’m not happy with it.. only so long as I’ve not actually used it (how can I know I’m not happy until I use it eh?) and quickly discard it, then grab the camera and take some shots.

At this point I think pictures will speak louder than words, so yeah:

box openbox box

I really do apologise for the craptacular shots, I was rushing to have a play and really didn’t bother setting the shots up properly.

Anyway.. Much to my surprise the phone is really quite nice, its the same height as my old w800i, slightly narrower, and a heck of a lot thinner and the build feels quite substantial too.

The main gripe so far though having turned it on and having a play is the buttons; they are raised.

Probably in an attempt to make it easier to use the keys on an otherwise cramped keypad, but all this serves to do on my gargantuan man hands is just make them all get in the way of one another, resulting in me smashing nearly every button on the keypad at the same time.
I can tell that I’m really going to need Homers dialing wand on this one.

So far however the rest of it seems rather usable.
The menu interface is practically ripped right out of the SE phones so everything is pretty logical and all where it should be, the names list is pretty similar too, and texting, while not as good usage of the t9 dictionary (I prefer the SE drop-down-to-select-a-word-instead-of-mashing-* style) it is still functional with the actual input being rather responsive too. There is nothing worse than input lag which is something I have seen cheaper phones suffer with.

I’ve yet to make a call, or try skype or MSN properly, but then again it helps if I top up.
Sure I could have had the one with £10 credit on it but where is the fun in that, I’ve got to test the whole system including the top-up method right?

I guess for now I will finish off with some product shots (sorry, once again I didn’t set them up specifically) and in the next post I’ll go into a little more detail about the actual workings and how I’m getting on (as well as size comparison shots of it and the w800i, oh yeah, and probably some of my thumbs vs. the keypad).




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