It’s ALL about size (and how you use it) – Another Rant, yay!

December 6, 2007

3 SkypephoneToday I just fancied going over my size issues.
No, not that, minds out of the gutter please šŸ˜›

What I mean is the actual size of the phone and how it’s possibly a little bit small.

I’ve always had problems with mobile phone keypads and they are one thing I always moan about when I change phones. Most recently on my other half’s s500i it was how badly built and rattly it was, and that due to some really bad over sight the glue used to bind the keys caused the plastic to weaken and crack in half, resulting with half keys that would either fall off or not work.
Someone clearly didn’t do their QA work properly on that one.

Anyway, Key size is pretty important for usability as is the spacing and all the time phones get smaller so do the key pads, and my large (perhaps even oversized) hands keep crying at me and complaining that one of these days the already mild RSI conditions that I have will get much much worse if I continue to do silly things like try to use Instant messengers on a phone.

This phone really is no exception to the “we-must-make-it-tiny-for-fashion” club that most mobile manufacturers have subscribed to. It’s wafer thin (mint? cookie for the person who gets the reference) and really has a few too many keys for the small face of it.
The trouble in trying to increase usability and functions is that you actually generally decrease usability as you have to put more buttons on for the ever growing features. While this in itself isn’t a problem, you really should increase the size of the object so that buttons are still as easy to press as before (really, I’m starting to bore myself here).

Anyway.. More buttons in small spaces = bad, less buttons in smaller spaces = good. skypephone has more buttons in small spaces = bad.


These teeny tiny buttons jammed in so close together really do make it hard (and kinda painful) for me to use for any extended period of time.

While the buttons themselves aren’t much larger than those on my w800i (I know, I keep comparing but it’s possibly the best phone I’ve ever owned so far) they are placed so close together that you really need to use your nails to press the buttons, which I cant really do, as I don’t grow them, as I’m not female.
Not to say that I CANT use them, I can, it’s just RSI inducing when using Skype Instant messenger or MSN for any extended length of time.

Crikey, reading that back I sound like a whining little 10 year old (no offence to any young-ens reading this) who was just told that they can’t have that pony for Christmas, and if they did, it would be part of Christmas lunch.

So enough of the rant and more of the pictures šŸ˜€

CRW_6349 CRW_6353 CRW_6360


With all that said and done, and despite the RSI inducing keypad, I’m really starting to adore this phone for it’s lightweight slim-ness and above all the versatility that I’ve gained over the w800i due to the freedom that the data costs on Three has given me.

I’ve already stuck Opera Mini on there, though that was a chore and something for another post in itself, and I’ve had a mess around with Skype and MSN on there too.
It’s like having a PDA in my hand (to an extent), just at 1/4 the size and 1/10th the price (and weight) really (despite my keypad issues).

I guess though at Ā£50 I cant really complain too much, had I spent Ā£500 to do the same things I’d be mighty annoyed.
If you want them there are also some more photos over at my Flickr for you to check out and drool over/laugh at, along with all the other random crap I take photos of šŸ™‚


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