Syncing with your PC, in Vista 64? Probably not.

December 7, 2007

3 Skypephone
So, today is my third day with the new Three Skypephone.

<edit from after reading it all through>

OK, let’s interrupt it there for just 2 seconds, just because I really should put something in that may interest people considering the following incredibly boring stuff that follows after this public service announcement (I class it as a service, I guess I’m kinda helping you guys right?)

3Mobilebuzz are giving away Skypephones!
The catch is that it’s actually a competition, which means doing something and that will probably not appeal to the lazy types out there, but head on over and check it out. Nothing ventured nothing gained and all that kind of thing.


I finally got round to removing the plastic shield from the screen and I also phoned Three so I can give them my PAC code to get my number moved over from my old provider to the new PAYG sim.
Apparently this takes 5-7 days but as a bonus Three do give you £10 of credit although that only lasts 30 days, it means I can spend it trying out all the video messaging and stuff that I’ve still yet to test.

The Skype service so far has been good apart from the odd niggle every now and then with it not refreshing my contacts online status properly, and sometimes delivering my messages a couple of minutes later than they should be delivered, but otherwise it’s pretty good.

Things the Skype software can do:

Send messages
Make Calls

Things the Skype software cannot do:

Open links to webpages that someone instant messaged you

The latter of those 3 would be my largest gripe. I guess I’m just so used to using instant messengers on PC’s but it would be nice to see it in a future revision, also I’d quite like to see multi-way text chats though that wouldn’t be a priority.

The largest bane I’ve had so far was trying to install any Java applications onto the phone.
To install a Java app you can’t simply copy the .jar or .jad across and have it work, sadly you have to install the PC sync software and install it through that which in itself is fair enough IF IT WORKED ON VISTA 64.
As it stand there are none, or at least I cannot find, any drivers for 64-bit Windows Vista. Without these drivers the software is unable to create a virtual COM port to connect to the phone with and as such I can’t install apps.

I would download them on the phone using the built in web browser but that is just too simple for me (and also potentially expensive if you don’t want to have the data charge for installing something silly like a Java game or something which you don’t plan to use for online purposes such Mini Opera and stuff).

So, with no Vista 64 drivers and really just not wanting to boot back into XP I set about finding an alternate method of installing the apps (oh yeah, and I don’t have a bluetooth adaptor for my PC that works under Vista 64, good isn’t it).

The easiest way I found was to download the Java application that I wanted to use to the memory stick of my trusty w800i then pop it back in the phone and send it via bluetooth to the Skypephone.
When the Skypephone recieved it I could then save it and run it right away which allowed me to install the application I wanted to test, in itself the whole process is a bit of a chore really.

Maybe if I had a bluetooth adaptor I could have used that but I don’t and really I’m trying to do this as cheap as possible.

I’ve also noticed that the battery has drained itself pretty quick. I’m down to about my last quarter already however I’ll hold fire on a rant about batteries as it’s the first charge, I’ve been using it quite a lot (specifically messaging on Skype and staying signed in 24 hours a day probably doesn’t help either) and if it’s anything like my w800i the battery will be as useless as a chocolate teapot (which really wouldn’t power a phone at all well anyway) until about the 5th or 6th charge.

In my next post (which due to the weekend may be a couple of days so I can really give the phone a good run) I’ll run over the texting system which is something I consider to be quite important in a phone, ring tones, themes and a couple of other things to do with build quality probably.

Damn, where is my humour today eh?
Normally I start writing and something amusing just happens to get typed out in the foray of key bashing but not today, it must be writers block or something.

Maybe I’ll try blogging directly from the phone after a couple of beers and a kebab, though I fear that would be more entertaining for the people watching me try than it would be for everyone to read.


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