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Syncing with your PC, in Vista 64? Probably not.

December 7, 2007

3 Skypephone
So, today is my third day with the new Three Skypephone.

<edit from after reading it all through>

OK, let’s interrupt it there for just 2 seconds, just because I really should put something in that may interest people considering the following incredibly boring stuff that follows after this public service announcement (I class it as a service, I guess I’m kinda helping you guys right?)

3Mobilebuzz are giving away Skypephones!
The catch is that it’s actually a competition, which means doing something and that will probably not appeal to the lazy types out there, but head on over and check it out. Nothing ventured nothing gained and all that kind of thing.


I finally got round to removing the plastic shield from the screen and I also phoned Three so I can give them my PAC code to get my number moved over from my old provider to the new PAYG sim.
Apparently this takes 5-7 days but as a bonus Three do give you £10 of credit although that only lasts 30 days, it means I can spend it trying out all the video messaging and stuff that I’ve still yet to test.

The Skype service so far has been good apart from the odd niggle every now and then with it not refreshing my contacts online status properly, and sometimes delivering my messages a couple of minutes later than they should be delivered, but otherwise it’s pretty good.

Things the Skype software can do:

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