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Arrivals and first impressions

December 5, 2007

Having checked the tracking number that I was supplied with this morning I was highly disappointed when the Royal Mail site said that my package hadn’t been checked into a depot.
I was then further disappointed when the package hadn’t turned up (there was someone home) by the time I got back at about 11:30.

So, I sat down and had a sandwich as I had decided to have tea break, and much to my surprise, after moping about it for 20 minutes or so, the door bell rings, and the postie turns up.
I duly sign my soul over to them name on the sheet only to find out it was never on a pre-9am as their site had led me to believe anyway, and proceed to run upstairs and tear open the silver special delivery bag like a child on Christmas, open the enclosed envelope which says I can return it within 14 days if I’m not happy with it.. only so long as I’ve not actually used it (how can I know I’m not happy until I use it eh?) and quickly discard it, then grab the camera and take some shots.

At this point I think pictures will speak louder than words, so yeah:
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